Op-Ed: “As Trump Rises, The History Of Hitler's Germany Repeats Itself”


An op-ed published in 2018 recounts Germany's history in 1930 and likens the rise of Hitler to the rise of Trump.

President Donald Trump’s rise to power seems to mirror the rise of Adolf Hitler, as stated in an op-ed published in The Sacramento Bee titled, “As Trump consolidates his power, the history of 1930s Germany repeats itself.”

The author, Sasha Abramsky, wrote this article to quickly summarize the political shift in Germany during the 1930s.

Abramsky writes, “Hitler, in a whirlwind series of personnel changes, set his propaganda machine--that same machine that denounced the media as the lugenpresse, the ‘lying press’--to work against his erstwhile allies and, despite not having won a majority of the votes in the previous election, purged his government of the moderating voices of non-Nazis.”

This could possibly mirror Trump’s utilization of Fox News and their ability to coin the term fake news as a way of dismissing fact checks as well as his control over the Republican Party, which he has rebranded as a mechanism to protect himself. 

“And what happens when [supposedly high-principled conservatives] then further convince themselves and their cronies in big business that maybe the devil actually isn’t so devilish, that, despite all his manifest crudeness and vulgarity, he does indeed have some special connection to destiny, a force of will that merits the personal loyalty oath of the Führerprinzip?” Abramsky continues.

Although he does not explicitly state it, is Abramsky likening those “high-principled conservatives” to the Evangelical Christians that say Donald Trump has been tasked by God to carry out His great deeds?

Abramsky simply writes is an op-ed about Germany in the 1930s. Different interpretations of the article may exist, but I think it’s important to note his favorite comment about history.

“History repeats itself,” Karl Marx once said, “first as tragedy, second as farce.”

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