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Sean Spicer, President Trump’s former White House press secretary, has theorized that his former boss is trailing Joe Biden in the polls because Trump voters do not want to admit they are voting for him, according to The Independent.

  • In a tweet, Spicer shared his thoughts on the sitting president’s poll results:

“Crucial takeaway in new poll showing why polls will continue to be an issue: ‘only 37% of @realDonaldTrump voters would want their friends and family to know how they had voted while 74% of @JoeBiden supporters are comfortable with it being known.”

  • Spicer was referring to the concept of silent voters, which has had implications for election results in the past. Trump even tweeted regarding the idea, writing:


Joe Biden is currently leading President Trump, even by double digits at times.

  • Spicer cited a poll that was done by a British tabloid that shows the president beating out Biden 48 percent to 47 percent but with 5 percent undecided and a +/- 2.5 percent margin of error.
  • A CNN/SSRS poll from approximately the same dates contrastingly shows Biden leading Trump 55 percent to 41 percent.

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