One Texas School Spent $6.3M To Turn Itself Into A High-Tech Prison

Screengrab/FirstNet, Built with AT&T/YouTube

Texas’s La Marque High School has spent millions turning itself into a high tech fort meant to prevent school shootings.

Within the past eight months, the school district in Texas City, Texas has reportedly spent $6.3 million on security measures to keep students and teachers safe from shooters. According to the Wall Street Journal, the district hired Mike Matranga, a former student in the district and former Secret Service agent, to have full authority over security in the local schools.

Initiatives which began under Matranga include the implementation of a facial recognition scan, cellphone panic buttons, and a security team equipped with 22 AR-15 rifles in their offices. These new measures follow an increased fear of school shootings, especially that which occurred in Parkland almost a year ago and the other in Sante Fe, Texas.

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