One Of America’s Largest Coal-Fired Power Plants Is Inching Toward Shutdown


One of the U.S.'s largest coal-fired plants is shutting down two of its four units by the beginning of this week.

Competition from cheap natural gas and renewable energy sources is leading to one of the largest coal-fired plants in the U.S.’s eventual shutdown, according to The Hill

The Colstrip Steam Electric Station in Colstrip, Montana, is set to close two of its four units by the beginning of this week, or as soon as they run out of coal. The plant is unable to compete with alternative sources of energy and operating costs have risen due to mandates for stricter pollution controls.

The plant employs around 300 people of Colstrip, which is home to about 2,300 people.

The two units that are shutting down are operated by Pennsylvania-based Talen, which co-owns them with Puget Sound Energy. Talen Energy spokeswoman said that employees will be re-assigned to decommissioning work, but there’s no “hard and fast numbers or timelines” as the company considers how many workers it will need for the two remaining units. 

Large amounts of ash from burning coal at Colstrip has contaminated underground water supplies with toxic materials and is expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up. 

The six utilities that own shares of the two remaining units plan to stop operations as soon as 2025.

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Likely due to (everyone’s sole spaceship) Earth’s large size, there seems to be a general collective human obliviousness and/or apathy towards our abuse of the natural environment, particularly when it’s not immediately observable.

It’s as though throwing non-biodegradable garbage down a dark chute, or pollutants emitted out of exhaust and drainage pipes, or spewed from sky-high jet engines and very tall smoke stacks—or even the largest contamination events—can somehow be safely absorbed into the air, sea, and land (i.e. out of sight, out of mind); like we’re inconsequentially dispensing of that waste into a black-hole singularity, in which it’s compressed into literal nothing.

To mega-money-minded men, ‘practical’ greenhouse-gas-reducing solutions will always be predicated on economic ‘reality’, the latter which is mostly created and entrenched according to fossil fuel industry interests. Indeed, for a leader to try reworking this ‘reality’ would seriously risk his/her own governance, however a landslide election victory he/she may have won.
Though there’s resultant political unwillingly to effectively address the immense environmental corruption and destruction at the hand of we reckless and greedy humans, apparently there’s plenty of ostrich syndrome to maintain it.

(Frank Sterle Jr.)


Fuck the coal industry and everyone who works in it, the voted for that abortion now they can all reap the nothing it provided.

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