On Twitter, Melania Claims She Will Continue Fighting For Children Everywhere


After Melania Trump said she will fight for "children's well-being everywhere", many asked her to start at the border.

The fight for “children’s well-being everywhere” remains high on First Lady Melania Trump’s list of priorities this year, or so she announced via Twitter on Friday, as noted by HuffPost.

But her online critics were quick to point out that the first lady might wish to start with the well-being of migrant children caught up in her husband’s immigration policy.

A report issued this month by the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services determined that thousands more migrant children were separated from their parents than had been previously reported by the Trump administration. Whether or not they have been reunited with their parents is unknown, according to the report. Experts have warned of the lasting trauma suffered by children separated from their parents. Two young immigrant children have died in federal custody.

Trump made a now-infamous trip to a detention center for immigrant children, for which she wore a jacket reading, “I really don’t care, do you?”

The response to her tweet was swift:

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