On Trip To Meet With Putin, Trump Calls Media “Enemy Of The People”

Kremlin.ru/CC BY 4.0

"Much of our news media is indeed the enemy of the people," President Trump tweeted Sunday.

Enroute to his one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Donald Trump tweeted again that the U.S. media is the enemy of the American people:

Via Axios:

"Heading to Helsinki, Finland – looking forward to meeting with President Putin tomorrow. Unfortunately, no matter how well I do at the Summit, if I was given the great city of Moscow as retribution for all of the sins and evils committed by Russia.....over the years, I would return to criticism that it wasn’t good enough – that I should have gotten Saint Petersburg in addition! Much of our news media is indeed the enemy of the people and all the Dems......know how to do is resist and obstruct! This is why there is such hatred and dissension in our country – but at some point, it will heal! "