On Infowars, Alex Jones Outs Potential Juror On Roger Stone’s Jury

Timothy Johnson on Twitter
Timothy Johnson on Twitter

“Moments ago, Alex Jones again vowed to release the name of a potential juror in the Roger Stone trial, calling the potential juror a "minion" of the left https://t.co/oiSL6XWc0E https://t.co/VUgaIupTX1”


The right-wing conspiracy theorist named the juror and put her photo up on his show, outing her to his fan base.

Infowars founder Alex Jones believes he knows the identity of a juror participating in Roger Stone’s trial, and after threatening to make the juror’s name public on Tuesday, the right-wing conspiracy theorist reportedly followed through with the threat on Wednesday.

According to Media Matters’ Timothy Johnson, Jones named the potential juror and put up her photo on his Wednesday program, leading Johnson to predict that the individual “can now expect to receive a torrent of hate from Jones' followers.”

He recalled that Jones’ accusations on Infowars previously led to real-world consequences after the host pushed a conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton and a Washington pizza restaurant. One of Jones’ fans “later decided to ‘self-investigate’ the conspiracy theories and traveled to the restaurant and fired a gun inside.”

Johnson also noted that earlier on Wednesday, “Judge Amy Berman Jackson took actions to shield the identities of the jurors and warned about attempts to release their names.”

Stone appeared in Washington, D.C., yesterday as jury selection for his trial commenced. The former Infowars host is alleged to have “lied to Congress about his dealings with WikiLeaks concerning emails hacked by Russia in the 2016 presidential election; obstructed an official proceeding; and intimidated a witness, radio host Randy Credico.”

Along with potentially outing a juror on the case, Jones also attacked Berman Jackson, saying she “should recuse herself” and insisting the judge is “known as a fraud.”

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Alex Jones is human trash.


Isn't he now part of the case, since he just engaged in jury tampering?

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