On CNN, Trump Supporter Says Civil War Is Possible If Trump Doesn’t Remain POTUS

Screengrab / @donie / Twitter


A Trump supporter in Georgia suggested a civil war could be possible if Joe Biden is sworn in as the next president.

A Trump supporter in Georgia told CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan this week that he refuses to accept Joe Biden as his president, and he refuses to accept that Biden will be sworn in on Inauguration Day.

Asked what could stop that from happening at this point, the man offered: “Well, it could be a civil war. You never know.”

The man said he doesn’t want a civil war, but suggested it was possible because millions of Americans do not trust that the election was fair.

“Show us the voting machines, show us the ballots, show us that this was a fair election,” he said, “or we’ll never accept another vote again.”



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