Omarosa Fired And Escorted From White House, She Claims Differently

One source said Omarosa had ongoing problems with the administration regarding racial issues.

According to Buzzfeed News, Omarosa Manigault-Newman is officially leaving the Trump administration, resigning her position in order "to pursue other opportunities", per White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. Manigault-Newman will remain in her position until January 20.

But there seems to be discrepancy between the White House version of the former reality TV star's exit and what actually transpired, according to multiple sources.

Manigault-Newman was fired and escorted out of the building on Tuesday night, sources told BuzzFeed News. April Ryan, who covers the White House and has feuded with Manigault-Newman, also reported Wednesday there was "drama" around the departure.

One White House official indicated that problems between Manigault-Newman and the administration were ongoing:

Manigault-Newman grew increasingly fed up with how the administration handled racially charged issues, adding that moving from crisis to crisis particularly drained the White House. Manigault-Newman has told friends in the past few months, the source said, that being the only black staffer in White House meetings was a source of stress.