Oliver North Ousted From The National Rifle Association

Public Domain

Oliver North, president of the NRA board, steps down after a power struggle with Wayne LaPierre.

According to The Week, Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the NRA, appears to have emerged as the victor after a brief power struggle with Oliver North, President of the NRA Board. North, who gained fame after the Iran-Contra Affair, was allegedly trying to extort LaPierre into resigning by threatening to send the board a damaging letter about LaPierre.

North responded that he was acting “for the good of the NRA” and said that the organization is facing serious financial problems. Soon after, North announced that he would not serve another term as President but still maintains that the NRA is still dealing with a financial crisis.

The genesis of the power struggle was a dispute between the NRA and advertising firm Ackerman McQueen. The NRA sued the firm after Ackerman McQueen refused to disclose records justifying the fees they charged. North was hired by the advertising firm to host a TV program last year, which reportedly earned him millions of dollars.

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