Video footage of unrest in Seattle early Thursday morning showed an Seattle Police Department officer walking the wheels of his bicycle over the head of a protester lying in the street, RawStory reported.

According to a press release on the SPD’s website, the officer has been put on administrative leave following the incident.

During the demonstration that occurred last night, the Seattle Police Department was notified of an incident where, on video, it appears an SPD officer walked the wheels of his bicycle over an individual lying in the street.

Immediately after being made aware of this incident, SPD activated the Force Investigation Team (FIT) to document and investigate the use of force – as required by policy — and alerted the Office of Police Accountability (OPA), which also responded to the scene. OPA has opened an investigation into the incident. The officer has been placed on administrative leave. Following the request from the OPA, the SPD has referred the incident to the King County Sheriff’s Office for a potential criminal investigation.

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RawStory reported that the condition of the protester remains unknown.