Off-Duty Missouri Officer In Trump Hat Placed On Leave After Threatening Man

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Officer Brandon Harrison was placed on administrative leave after threatening a man while off duty.

According to The Hill, an off-duty police officer in Missouri was placed on administrative leave after he was caught on video threatening a man following a car accident.

  • Officer Brandon Harrison was featured in a video posted to TikTok over the weekend that went viral as it spread to Twitter.

  • Harrison was sporting a “Trump 2020” hat in the video, which shows him “confronting an unidentified man in an expletive-filled tirade.”
  • The off-duty officer appears to get in the man’s face and orders him to sit on the curb, yelling, “Sit the f--- down!”
  • When the man responds, “An officer is supposed to be respectful,” Harrison replies: “I’m not working right now. I’m on vacation. I will f--- you up. Sit down.” Harrison also accuses the man of lying about the accident.
  • A female on-duty officer tells the man to do what Harrison says and sit down.
  • When the man says he wants to call other police, specifying a sheriff’s deputy, Harrison responds with a smile, “We are the police.”

The Hill reported that no one appeared to be injured in the accident, and “Harrison reportedly said in an additional TikTok posted by the same user that the damage to his truck was minimal.”

The St. Joseph Police Department said in a statement that it has reviewed portions of the video and an investigation will be conducted, according to the report.

“Police Officers are the most conspicuous representatives of government and, to the majority of people; they are a symbol of stability and authority upon which they can rely,” the release states. “Unbecoming conduct on the part of police officers adversely affects the operations of the department and ultimately destroys public confidence in it. All matters involving officer misconduct allegations are and will be investigated by the department.”

Read the full report.

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I am new to this forum but this post caught my attention. I am 75 years old and I am a grandmother and great-grandmother. When I was kid, I could always trust a policeman or policewoman. Unfortunately in this country today, I cannot trust the police. Once they receive their badge, they think that they are God Almighty. They begin with a power surge that may invoke my constitutional rights. I am not posting that all police are like this but lately, we are seeing the scum of the scum that took an oath to protect its citizens, not to harass them. I will not remove myself from my car (say I got caught speeding.) I will open my window a tad to give them my license and registration. If they tell me to get out of the car, I will let them know I will get out in front of a police station.

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