Of The Ten Least Educated States In The U.S., Eight Voted For Trump In 2016


A study by WalletHub determined the top ten most and least educated states using a variety of educational factors.

A new study by WalletHub combined 18 factors to rank the most and least educated states in America. The factors were grouped into two main categories -- Educational Attainment (60 percent of the total score) and Quality of Education and Attainment Gap (40 percent of the score).

Educational attainment was calculated based on the percentage of adults, 25 years and older with each of the following: a high school diploma; some college experience or an associate’s degree; a bachelor’s degree; or a graduate or professional degree.

Quality of Education and Attainment Gap used several indicators of k-12 education and a few measures pertaining to higher education. The quality of the state’s public school system, the number of Blue Ribbon Schools per capita, high-school graduation rate, Advanced Placement test performance, the quality of the universities in the state and number of students per capita enrolled in top universities, whether states have free community college, and the size of racial and gender gaps in the percentage of residents with bachelor’s degrees were included.

WalletHub’s assessment cannot be taken too seriously, as some of the indicators for Quality of Education had questionable validity. While cautious curiosity is advised, of the least ten educated states in the U.S., eight voted for Trump in 2016.

10 Least Educated States:

Tennessee (Trump)

New Mexico (Clinton)

Nevada (Clinton)

South Carolina (Trump)

Kentucky (Trump)

Alabama (Trump)

Arkansas (Trump)

Louisiana (Trump)

West Virginia (Trump)

Mississippi (Trump)

10 Most Educated States








New Hampshire

New Jersey


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To be honest,the States you claim to be so smart offer people like Socialist Bernie Sanders and Socialist Elizabeth Warren. If they are so educated, why is it they are so ignorant of American history? Why are they so lacking in education about Socialism and Communism?
Could it be the other states, (you are mocking)have more loyal Americans?
Have ancestors who fought for our freedom and will forever honor them for protecting our beloved America? Of course, they voted for the man who is a patriot, loyal American!
Because they have a great deal of COMMON SENSE! SOMETHING. the little elitists seem to not have!
Common sense comes from the Lord. Since the majority of the people who occupy the chosen states are antiGod, family, and country, it is NO wonder they lack common sense!


Because highly educated people know that there are many degrees of socialism, that socialism isn't communism, the U.S is already socialist along with many other countries that have been for hundreds of years and have much better life, liberty and happiness.


Political Science,Civics many other subjects you should know than general history. You should Study in depth History and government of each state. Maybe then will you understand why an educated vote matters. Having knowledge of exactly Who/what you are voting for matters. Many uneducated voters won't be able to tell you who their own governor is. How many branches of government there are. How laws are made and who makes them. What is an Excutive order & which Amendment of the Constitution does it fall under. Do you believe Amy Barrett will uphold your second Amendment rights? The president constantly tells his uneducated voters that This president wants to take away their guns. He has nominated a young SCOTUS who will do just that. The Democrats feel rushing this is not good for either side. I could go on and on but uneducated voters can be a problem. I for one would not want to make an uneducated decision on who to vote for.

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