⅓ Of Americans Believe The Media Is the 'Enemy' Of The People


Another 44 percent of Americans believe the press fabricates stories about President Trump.

According to Newsweek, a new study shows that one third of Americans believe the media is an "enemy of the people", with about 44 percent saying the press makes up stories about the president.


25 percent of Americans believe there should be harsh limitation on the press that would allow the government to block stories that officials rule "biased or inaccurate.”

Differences between political parties are as might be expected:

"Democrats with high political knowledge say they have the most faith in the press, Republicans with high political knowledge are the most distrustful of the media — more so than Republicans with low political knowledge," the study found.

Other findings of note:

  • Just under 50 percent of the survey’s 2,100 participants have a "great deal" of confidence in the media.
  • 19 percent of Republicans had a "great deal" or "fair amount" of trust in the media, versus 74 for Democrats.
  • From the 44 percent who believe the media fabricates stories about Trump, 24 percent believe media reports fake news "about half of the time" and 6 percent believe it happens "all of the time."

The study also found that the infamous 'echo chamber' might play less a role than expected:

Participants in the survey did not only consume media that confirmed their worldview—a common misperception, said one of the study's authors—but simply don't fully trust what they read.