NYT: Trump Donor Revealed As A Secret Funder Of Right-Wing Outlet The Federalist

Dick Uihlein, CEO of Uline.Screengrab / Uline / YouTube


Dick Uihlein, a packing supply magnate and Trump donor, reportedly is one of The Federalist's major backers.

Speculation about funding for the right-wing publication The Federalist has swirled for years, The New York Times noted in a Monday report, particularly as the conservative outlet has emerged as a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump.

Though the publication “has not disclosed its supporters, leading to criticism that it is not being transparent about its agenda,” two people with knowledge of The Federalist’s finances told The Times that one of its most generous backers is Dick Uihlein.

  • Uihlein is a “Midwestern packing supply magnate and Trump donor who has a history of giving to combative, hard-right candidates.”
  • The Times reported that Uihlein has a tendency to back candidates “who make many Republicans squeamish,” including Roy Moore of Alabama. The report also noted that “After Mr. Moore was accused of assaulting underage girls in 2017, The Federalist ran an opinion piece that defended men who dated young women as a practice with a long history that was ‘not without some merit if one wants to raise a large family.’”
  • Moore ultimately lost to Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) after the allegations became public.

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