NYT Source Says Don Jr. Worries His Father Will Lose, Family Will Be Prosecuted

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A spokesperson for Donald Trump Jr. called the statement "100 percent false," saying "Don does not have these concerns.”

Donald Trump Jr. reportedly is worried that his father will lose reelection in November and members of his family will face prosecution, according to New York Times journalist Jason Zengerle.

  • Zengerle wrote in a recent profile of President Donald Trump’s eldest son that a “prominent conservative activist who is in regular contact with [Trump Jr.] and other key members of Trump’s political operation” mentioned the concerns.
  • “Don’s the only person who thinks they’re going to lose,” the source told Zengerle. “He’s like, ‘We’re losing, dude, and we’re going to get really hurt when we lose.’”
  • “An electoral defeat in November, Trump Jr. fears, could result in federal prosecutions of Trump, his family and his political allies,” Zengerle wrote. “He has told the conservative activist that he expects that a Biden administration will not participate in a ‘peaceful transition’ and instead will ‘shoot the prisoners.’”
  • However, Andy Surabian, a spokesperson for Trump Jr., told the journalist: “This is 100 percent false. Don does not have these concerns.”

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