NYT: Kavanaugh Was Secret Bob Woodward Source While Working For Ken Starr In ‘99

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“At the heart of The Post’s identity is Mr. Baron, 65, the ultimate old school editor.”

According to The New York Times, Bob Woodward at The Washington Post was planning to reveal that Judge Brett Kavanaugh had been an anonymous source in Woodward’s 1999 book Shadow: Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate, when his plans were stopped by executive editor Martin Baron.

  • At the “height of the furor over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court in 2018,” Bob Woodward’s shocking article that would have revealed how Kavanaugh was a secret source was awaiting publication, wrote The Times.
  • Woodward was “planning to expose Mr. Kavanaugh because the judge had publicly denied — in a huffy letter in 1999 to The Post — an account about Kenneth Starr’s investigation of President Bill Clinton that he had himself, confidentially, provided to Mr. Woodward for his book. (Mr. Kavanaugh served as a lawyer on Mr. Starr’s team.)” the report stated.
  • The article “would have been explosive, arriving as the nominee battled a decades-old sexual assault allegation and was fighting to prove his integrity,” wrote The Times.
  • According to this report, the article was “nearly ready when the executive editor, Martin Baron, stepped in. Mr. Baron urged Mr. Woodward not to breach his arrangement with Mr. Kavanaugh and to protect his old source’s anonymity, three Post employees said.”

“Mr. Baron and other editors persuaded Mr. Woodward that it would be bad for The Post and ‘bad for Bob’ to disclose a source,” the report continued. “The piece never ran.”

“And the steadfast adherence to the longstanding rules of newspaper journalism and the defense of the institution, which have defined Mr. Baron’s tenure at The Post, prevailed,” The Times concluded.

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It would seem that an impeachable charge of perjury is relevant and a way to open a SCOTUS seat.

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