NYT Editorial Board: Trump Is “The Worst American President In Modern History”

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour / Public Domain


"This is an election about the country’s future, and what path its citizens wish to choose."

In an opinion piece published Friday, The New York Times Editorial Board declared that President Donald Trump “stands without any real rivals as the worst American president in modern history.”

The op-ed, titled, “END OUR NATIONAL CRISIS: The Case Against Donald Trump”, opens stating that “Donald Trump’s re-election campaign poses the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II.”

The enormity and variety of Mr.Trump’s misdeeds can feel overwhelming. Repetition has dulled the sense of outrage, and the accumulation of new outrages leaves little time to dwell on the particulars. This is the moment when Americans must recover that sense of outrage.

The Times reviews a litany of misdeeds committed by the Trump administration:

  • “The lesson of the last four years is that he cannot solve the nation’s pressing problems because he is the nation’s most pressing problem,” the board says.
  • On his coronavirus response, The Times writes, “Instead of working to save lives, Mr. Trump has treated the pandemic as a public relations problem.”
  • The op-ed continues: “He campaigned as a champion of ordinary workers, but he has governed on behalf of the wealthy.”

He has strained longstanding alliances while embracing dictators like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, whom Mr. Trump treats with a degree of warmth and deference that defies explanation.


Now, with other Republican leaders, Mr. Trump is mounting an aggressive campaign to reduce the number of Americans who vote and the number of ballots that are counted.


Mr. Trump has outstripped decades of presidential wrongdoing in a single term.

“Nov. 3 can be a turning point,” the board writes. “This is an election about the country’s future, and what path its citizens wish to choose.”

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