NYC To Paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ In Front Of Trump Tower

Protesters gathered outside of Trump Tower in Manhattan on June 2.Screengrab / El Australiano / YouTube


Mayor Bill de Blasio said earlier this month that the phrase will be painted throughout the city.

New York City plans to paint the words “Black Lives Matter” directly in front of the president’s Trump Tower in Manhattan, according to New York Daily News.

  • The phrase “will be painted on Fifth Ave. between 56th and 57th streets, right in front of the president’s flagship high-rise, as well as Centre St. and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.”
  • Mayor Bill de Blasio said earlier this month that the phrase would be painted throughout the city in the wake of protests sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Memorial Day.
  • He said on June 9: “It’s time to do something officially representing this city to recognize the power of the fundamental idea, Black Lives Matter — the idea that so much American history has wrongly renounced but now must be affirmed.”
  • As for placing the words in front of Trump’s building, de Blasio’s office said:

“The president is a disgrace to the values we cherish in New York City,” Julia Arredondo, a spokeswoman for Mayor de Blasio, said in a statement. “He can’t run or deny the reality we are facing, and any time he wants to set foot in the place he claims is his hometown, he should be reminded Black Lives Matter.”

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