NYC Hospital Worker Dies From Coronavirus After Being Forced To Wear Trash Bags

Nurses at Mount Sinai West / Credit: Facebook


Nurses at Mount Sinai West report wearing trash bags as protective gear, as gowns and other supplies are running low.

Nurses at a Manhattan hospital have been forced to wear trash bags as medical supplies have become a dire need in light of the coronavirus crisis — and some believe the situation has led to the death of one of their coworkers.

The New York Post reported on Thursday that a “stunning photo shared on social media shows three nurses at Mount Sinai West posing in a hallway while clad in large, black plastic trash bags fashioned into makeshift protective garb.”

One of the nurses’ colleagues, assistant nursing manager Kious Kelly, tested positive for the coronavirus about two weeks ago and was hospitalized on March 17, according to the report. The 48-year-old, whose family said he had severe asthma but was otherwise healthy, died late Tuesday night.

A Mount Sinai spokesperson disputed that hospital workers were in dire need of supplies and expressed sympathy for Kelly’s loss.

But the nurses disagree. “We had to reuse our masks, gowns and the [face] shield,” one nurse told the Post. “We were told, ‘You get one for the entire time until this is over.’”

Medical facilities are struggling to maintain their stocks of face masks, gowns, and other supplies as the number of coronavirus patients in New York City has grown.

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) has blamed the Trump administration for failing to help provide the necessary supplies, as well as for pitting states against one another in trying to purchase them.

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