NY MAG: The CIA Warned Israel That Russia Had Leverage On Trump

Kremlin.ru/CC BY 4.0

Israeli intelligence officials were shocked when the CIA told them President-elect Trump was likely compromised.

After Donald Trump shocked the world with his 2016 presidential election win, Israeli intelligence officials reportedly received a harrowing revelation from the CIA: U.S. intelligence officials believed that Russia had leverages of pressure over the newly elected president.

Via New York Magazine:

> Therefore, the agency advised the Israelis to consider the possibility that Trump might pass their secrets on to Russia. The Israelis dismissed the warning as outlandish. Who could believe that the worlds most powerful country was about to hand its presidency to a Russian dupe? That the United States government had, essentially, fallen?

Just a few months later, Trump invited Russian diplomats for a visit to the White House, and at that point it became evident the CIA warning was valid:

> He boastedto them that he had fired nut job James Comey. I faced great pressure because of Russia. Thats taken off. At the same meeting, Trump passed on to the Russians a highly sensitive intelligence secret Israel had captured from a valuable source inside ISIS. It was the precise danger Israel had been cautioned about.

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