NY Health Inspectors Say Trump’s NY Restaurant “Conducive To Attracting Vermin"

Trump TowerBim im Garten / CC BY-SA 3.0 / Wikipedia

NY health inspectors say Trump’s restaurant have evidence of mice, filthy food prep areas, and broken sewage systems.

According to NY Daily News, following inspections throughout New York, a number of health code violations have been found at Trump-branded restaurants. It was found that there had been evidence of mice throughout the properties as well as conditions which could attract vermin and “food contact surfaces” which had not been properly maintained.

NY Daily News also wrote that the eatery in Trump Tower had been found in violation of the health code numerous times before, including a report for “live roaches” in 2015. However, this is the first report of mice in the restaurants,

When speaking on Trump’s role in the restaurants, a former associate stated, “He has always been far more focused on creating an image for his properties than in spending what it takes to make them excellent.”

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