NY Attorney General Likely To Take On Trump If Mueller Is Fired

Screengrab/Eric Schneiderman/YouTube

New York A.G. Eric Schneiderman is prepared to do whatever is necessary to keep Trump in check.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is all in when it comes to protecting New Yorkers from the likes of President Donald Trump, says the New York Times.

In a recent interview, Schneiderman, who has taken 100 legal or administrative actions against the Trump administration, said the federal goverment represents the biggest threat to his state right now.

Schneiderman is also prepared to step up should Trump attempt to end the Russia probe that has plagued his first year in office.

Regarding special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, Schneiderman said:

“Just watching it from the outside, like everybody else, it seems like they’re doing a very thorough and serious job. I hope there’s not going to be any effort to derail them or shut them down.

“If that happens, we’ll do — as I think would be a genuine sentiment around the country — we’ll do whatever we can do to see that justice is done. But I hope we don’t have to face a problem like that.”

Though both hail from New York, Schneiderman and Trump rarely see eye-to-eye. The attorney general has caused Trump a few headaches, from investigating Trump University to opposing all three of his travel bans, and the president has responded in typical Trump fashion.

During the Trump University inquiry, Mr. Trump called Mr. Schneiderman “a lightweight,” a “total loser,” the “nation’s worst AG,” and “dopey.” He has tweeted that Mr. Schneiderman wears “Revlon eyeliner” — his dark eyelashes have been attributed to the side effect of a glaucoma medication — and said he needed to take a drug test because the attorney general “cannot be a cokehead,” without presenting evidence that he was. In 2014, the front page of The New York Observer, which was owned by Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, depicted him as Clockwork Eric, a takeoff on the Malcolm McDowell character from “A Clockwork Orange.”