Nurses Place Shoes On Capitol Lawn For Every Colleague Who Died Of COVID-19

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Artivia Tahir

Members of a nurse union place shoes on Capitol lawn to represent all of the nurses who died treating Covid-19 patients

Nurses who are part of a national nurse union laid pairs of shoes on the lawn outside of the U.S. Capitol building to represent all of their colleagues who have died while treating Covid-19 patients, according to The Hill.

  • National Nurses United (NNU) organized the protest to prompt Congress to invoke the Defense Production Act so that manufacturing plants in the U.S. would be mandated to switch production to personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • The union wrote on Facebook:

"NNU nurses gathered at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. this morning to honor the lives of registered nurses who have died from COVID-19 while taking care of their patients in this crisis. RNs read the names of the 164 nurses in the United States who have already lost their lives to the virus. Each pair of white shoes represented one nurse gone too soon."

  • The post continued:

"NNU nurses demand NO MORE NURSE DEATHS! We are calling on the Senate to pass the HEROES Act, which will fully invoke the Defense Production Act to mass produce personal protective equipment, and will also create an emergency temporary standard to protect essential workers on the frontlines of this deadly pandemic."

  • President Trump invoked the act in the spring to drive production of equipment like cotton swabs for coronavirus testing, but has been called on to use the DPA more widely for manufacturing of PPE.
  • American Hospital Association CEO Rick Pollack in March said to reporters:

“We urge that the Defense Production Act be fully employed. We have people that are making masks at home and donating them to the hospital.”

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