Nurse Who Spoke At 2020 RNC Arrested For Shooting Woman After An Argument

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Amy Thorn, aka Amy Ford, was arrested for shooting a woman in the abdomen during an argument.

Amy Thorn, a nurse from West Virginia who spoke at the Republican National Convention this year, was arrested after shooting a woman in the gut on Thursday, according to The New York Post.

  • Thorn, who also goes by Amy Ford, rose to prominence after volunteering to work in New York and San Antonio to treat COVID0-19 patients.
  • She praised President Trump’s coronavirus response during her opening night speech at the RNC: “Increased access to telehealth for millions of Americans has truly been lifesaving, and we have President Trump to thank.”
  • On Oct. 8, Thorn was involved in a verbal altercation with another woman, during which she claimed to become fearful of her safety and told the other woman she had a gun, according to Williamson Police Chief Grady Dotson.
  • Thorn then retrieved the gun from her vehicle and subsequently shot the other woman, who was taken to the hospital and airlifted to the Pikeville Medical Center in Kentucky where she underwent surgery.
  • “Her injuries were not life-threatening. Details regarding what the argument was about were not immediately available,” The Post reported.
  • Thorn, who has claimed self-defense, "was charged with malicious wounding and released on $5,000 bond."
  • Snopes reported that Dotson confirmed to local news station WCHS that Amy Thorn is the same Amy Ford who spoke at the RNC.

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