Nunes Denies That Russia Is Interfering In 2020 Election To Get Trump Re-Elected

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Rep. Devin Nunes, a staunch Trump ally, said he doesn't "think anyone is buying" the idea that Russia is interfering.

Intelligence officials warned the House Intelligence Committee last week that Russia is once again working to interfere in a U.S. election — and once again with the goal of helping President Donald Trump.

But ranking member Devin Nunes (R-CA) denied that the Kremlin is doing any such thing, telling Fox News’ Laura Ingraham that “Nobody is going to believe this garbage,” according to RawStory.

The issue was thrust into the spotlight on Thursday when several news outlets reported on the February 13 briefing, which apparently led the president to replace his acting director of national intelligence with an official Trump perceives as more loyal.

“A senior U.S. intelligence official told lawmakers last week that Russia wants to see President Trump reelected, viewing his administration as more favorable to the Kremlin’s interests, according to people who were briefed on the comments,” The Washington Post wrote on Thursday, adding that it was reportedly Nunes who shared details of the briefing with Trump.

The New York Times also reported on the briefing, writing: “Intelligence officials warned House lawmakers last week that Russia was interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get President Trump re-elected, five people familiar with the matter said, a disclosure to Congress that angered Mr. Trump, who complained that Democrats would use it against him.”

But The Times also reported that “Trump’s allies challenged the conclusions, arguing that he had been tough on Russia and that he had strengthened European security.”

Nunes appeared to be one of those Republican allies, as he told Ingraham, “I don’t think anyone is buying it.”

“I just left a big — a huge Republican dinner here in the San Joaquin Valley of California, President Trump was out yesterday, it was actually a joke tonight,” Nunes said, adding, “Nobody is going to believe this garbage.”

The California Republican’s comments come as little shock: After Russia was concluded to have interfered on Trump’s behalf during the 2016 election, Nunes worked hard to ignore the intelligence community’s assessment and instead try to discredit the FBI investigation into the election meddling.

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No one believes Nunes's garbage.


Hey Devin, you have proven yourself to be nothing more than a lying sack of shit lapdog for the fuhrer. Nobody believes anything that comes out of your mouth.


Nunes needs a new set of teeth.

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