Nunes Asked William Barr To Pursue Charges Against Russia Probe Investigators

Screengrab / Fox News / Youtube

Nunes wants Barr to press charges against officials involved in the Mueller investigation.

Democrats in the House are raising their voices in protest over former Intelligence Committee chair and Republican Devin Nunes's proposal to meet privately with Attorney General William Barr. He wants to meet with Barr to press criminal charges against officials investigating the alleged Russian involvement in President Trump's 2016 campaign, Politico reports.

Nunes is accusing several former FBI and Justice Department officials of misconduct. He alleges that, in their probe into allegations of Russian influence in the 2016 election, they broke the law in the process. The California Representative has recently foreshadowed his intentions to send eight "criminal referrals"—unofficial inquiries for Justice Department investigation—directly to the Attorney General.

On a Thursday segment of Sean Hannity's Fox News show, he stated that he intends to have a meeting with Barr "when appropriate" to talk about the referrals and wants to include fellow GOP intelligence committee member and former U.S. attorney John Ratcliffe in the meeting.

Barr said earlier this week that he anticipates contact from Nunes.

"I haven’t seen the referrals yet from Congressman Nunes," he told the House Appropriations Committee in a testimony on Tuesday, "but obviously if there’s a predicate for an investigation it’ll be conducted.”

Democrats claim that a meeting would break protocol if they are not included.

“We expect to learn more if and when the Department of Justice receives the referrals, assuming the Department follows appropriate protocol and Barr holds any such meeting only with representatives of the majority and minority present," said a House intelligence committee aid.

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