NSA: Trump Has Done Zero To Protect US From Future Russian Meddling

Screengrab/Guardian News/YouTube

NSA Director Mike Rogers said Vladimir Putin has "clearly come to the conclusion there’s little price to pay here".

Director of the National Security Agency Mike Rogers testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday that President Donald Trump has done previous little to avert Russian interference in future U.S. elections.

Several exchanges between Rogers and the committee suggested that Trump has taken no significant steps to prevent Russian attempts to undermine U.S. democracy.

Slate highlights Rogers' relevant responses:

  • “Have you been directed to [go after the Russian attacks at their origin], given this strategic threat that faces the United States and the significant consequences you recognize already?” Democratic Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island asked Rogers. “No, I have not,” Rogers replied.
  • “I believe that President Putin has clearly come to the conclusion there’s little price to pay here, and that therefore I can continue this activity,” Rogers said.
  • “Everything, both as the director of NSA and what I see on the cyber command side, leads me to believe that if we don’t change the dynamic here, this is going to continue and 2016 won’t be viewed as something isolated,” Rogers said. “This is something that will be sustained over time.”
  • “They haven’t paid a price at least that is sufficient to get them to change their behavior,” Rogers said. “It hasn’t changed the calculus, is my sense … It certainly hasn’t generated the change in behavior that I think we all know we need.”
  • “I believe they’re attempting to undermine our institutions,” Rogers said of Russia’s strategic objective.
  • “Clearly, what we’ve done hasn’t been enough,” Rogers said.