NRA Taunts Father Of Child Murdered At Marjory Stone Douglas High School

photos courtesy of Fred Guttenberg

The letter asked its recipients to stand against “freedom’s enemies”—those who fight for gun control.

Last February, a gunman killed Fred Guttenberg's 14-year-old daughter Jaime along with 16 other staff and students. And since then, Fred Guttenberg has been one of the biggest advocates in the country for common-sense gun laws, the Miami New Times reports.

Guttenberg has been fighting for a higher minimum age to purchase guns, implementing longer wait periods after buying a gun, and outlawing bump stocks. His advocacy has led him to team with U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal and Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz last month to introduce Jaime's Law, a bill that would establish universal background checks for buying ammunition.

But somehow, Guttenberg ended up on the National Rifle Association's mailing list, and he posted a photo of an NRA survey he received on Wednesday that asked him to make it "clear to politicians across America that you're not going to stand by while extremists threaten your individual liberties."

“Freedom's enemies are on the march," the letter added.

"When you send out letters, please make sure that you do not send them to victims of gun violence in the future," Guttenberg said in a tweet to the NRA. “My daughter was the only one to lose freedom."

The letter promoted the NRA's 2019 National Gun Owner's Action Survey. Both the initial letter and the survey questions were clearly structured to elicit positive responses about and attitudes towards gun ownership. (Not to mention that the NRA’s mailing list already has a strong bias against gun control.)

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Now that Trump will consider all Narcos as Terrorists, this will support the bill in several countries around the world including Mexico, where every "seller-supplier" in the USA, for automatic weapons, guns, rifles, assault rifles and every kind of ammunition sold to cartels, will be pursued as terrorist too.