NRA’s Dana Loesch: Gun Owners Should Bring Firearms To The Polls

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The NRA's Dana Loesch said it is progressives who present a physical threat to Americans, not gun owners.

Citing a campaign by Guns Down America to report intimidation at polling places by individuals carrying firearms, the National Rifle Association’s Dana Loesch said it is actually progressives who are dangerous and insinuated that gun-toting Americans should carry their weapons to the polls to protect themselves.

Via Media Matters:

> “In actuality, it is this group that will be doing the intimidating. They’ll be intimidating law-abiding gun owners legally carrying their firearms by potentially sending the police after people who are doing nothing more than exercising their constitutionally protected rights. It’s a moderate, soft form of swatting.”

Referencing a statement by Igor Volsky, the director of Guns Down America, in which he said the “troubling political rhetoric” flying about over the past two years combined with the fact that “guns are far too easy to obtain” has left many Americans feeling unsafe.

“What’s astounding about this quote from Volsky is that he cites the troubling rhetoric in politics these days and then thinks the best answer to the potential for danger is to intimidate those individuals who may be carrying a weapon explicitly to protect themselves given how insane things have gotten,” Loesch said.

She went on:

> “And by the way all of that insanity, all of the out of control anger and screaming that we’ve seen on television and at protests in this country, those weren’t law-abiding gun owners. Those were progressives, anti-gun progressives to be exact. I’m not suggesting that the political right is free of their own troublemakers but to pretend that anyone on the right has done anything close to a Bernie bro shooting up a congressional ball field or throwing boulders through someone else's window or attacking and assaulting individuals with different campaigns if they think that it isn’t unbalanced or predominately one sided, I think they need to pay better attention to the news.”

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When your agenda is something the public wants you don't have to threaten them with guns at the polls.

But when you're a low-life, cheap tyrant I guess you're Dana Loesch and the Republicans who bully the rest of us.

The GOP is a terrorist organization.

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