NRA Members: We’re Not Monsters Who Hate Children, We Just Love Guns More

Screengrab/The Guardian/Youtube

At last year’s NRA rally, members attacked the credibility of young people fighting for gun control.

NRA members at the first NRA rally since the Parkland shooting expressed their firm belief in the right to carry firearms of all kinds, The Guardian reports. When asked about what he thinks about the Parkland students' advocacy, one member said that "they need to do a little more research before they jump into things they don't know much about."

“There are other people that experience shootings as well,” he continued.

"They don't know anything," another interviewed member said.

Other interviewees from last year’s rally agreed that the student-advocates and victims were “uneducated” on the topic of gun control. One member even claimed that the students were tools of a larger political agenda, simply doing what “someone behind them” is telling them to do.

The Guardian interviewed NRA board member Allen B. West at the Dallas convention. Like his supporters, he was unsympathetic for the Parkland student-advocates: "I think those Parkland students need to stop and think about who really caused what happened there at the high school [...] and not the NRA that had nothing to do with it."

A representative from gun manufacturer Berry's Bullets criticized popular media for painting them as “monsters.” Like many other interviewed attendees from the convention, he cited the possibility of “genocide” as a reason why guns shouldn’t be banned.

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