NRA In Disarray: LaPierre Claims He's Being Pushed Out Of NRA By Oliver North

Wayne LaPierre claims that Oliver North, the President of the National Rifle Association, is attempting to remove him.

Longtime National Rifle Association executive Wayne LaPierre claims that Oliver North, the President of the NRA, is attempting to extort him and remove him from the organization according to the Wall Street Journal.

via Wall Street Journal:

In a letter sent to NRA board members late Thursday afternoon, Mr. LaPierre, the group’s CEO and executive vice president, said he refused the demand. Instead he called on board members to “see this for what it is: a threat meant to intimidate and divide us.”

Mr. North sent his own letter to the board late Thursday evening, in which he said his actions were for the good of the NRA and that he was forming a crisis committee to examine financial matters inside the organization, according to people familiar with its contents.

Mr. North previously had sent a longer letter to the board’s executive committee detailing new allegations of financial improprieties involving more than $200,000 of wardrobe purchases by Mr. LaPierre that were charged to a vendor, according to the people. One of those people described Mr. LaPierre’s letter as an “angry reaction” to Mr. North’s longer letter.

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