NRA Has Let 200 Staffers Go This Year As Organization Faces Financial Crisis

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Megan Everts

The NRA is facing financial issues due to the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in many layoffs and furloughs.

“The National Rifle Association faces a deepening financial crisis with over 200 staff layoffs and furloughs in 2020,” reported the Guardian.

  • These layoffs and furloughs, which were mainly at NRA headquarters in Virginia, “were spurred by declines in revenues and fundraising, heavy legal spending, political infighting, and charges of insider self-dealing under scrutiny by attorneys general in New York and Washington DC.”
  • An anonymous NRA official said: “The widespread Covid layoffs and furloughs have further harmed both the NRA’s legal capacity and political influence beyond what was already a troubling deterioration.”
  • In the email in which these cuts were announced, along with “20% staff pay cuts, four-day work weeks and other belt tightening,” Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s top executive, “linked the austerity moves to the pandemic’s stay-at-home orders.”
  • For example, “the cancellation of a number of NRA fundraising dinners following the onset of Covid-19” has hindered earnings.
  • The NRA hopes to bring back those furloughed when the organization’s financial situation improves.

The Guardian noted that “the situation is likely to hinder efforts by the gun rights group to help Trump and other Republicans win in November’s election.”

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