North Dakota Man Accused of Making Terrorist Threats Over Political Beliefs

Moorhead Police Department


The man, whose vehicle sported a Trump bumper sticker, pulled a handgun on a woman whose sticker was for Sen. Warren.

Joseph Schumacher of North Dakota stands accused of making terroristic threats against a woman for political reasons, according to Heavy.

Moorhead Police say Schumacher threatened another driver with a gun after seeing a political bumper sticker in support of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren on her vehicle. Schumacher had a sticker supporting President Trump on his own vehicle.

He proceeded to shout at the woman and flash a handgun. Police arrested Schumacher not long after at a nearby business, finding a loaded handgun, for which Schumacher did not have a permit.

A friend who was in the passenger seat of Schumacher’s vehicle at the time of the incident confirmed the accusations of the other driver in the confrontation.

Schumacher faces two felony charges for making terroristic threats and a misdemeanor charge for having a loaded handgun inside his vehicle without a permit.

Schumacher has a record of misdemeanor arrests in North Dakota and Minnesota, including a violation of open container laws, failure to drive with due care, possession of alcohol under the age of 21, and public urination.

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