North Carolina GOP Chairman, Others, Indicted In Federal Corruption Probe

NC GOP Chairman Robin Hayes and Durham businessman Greg Lindberg were both indicted Tuesday.

WBTV has reported that multiple people were indicted by a federal grand jury over donations made to the North Carolina Republican Party. Robin Hayes, the North Carolina GOP chairman surrendered himself to authorities and appeared at the Charlotte courthouse on Tuesday.

The charges began with Greg Lindberg, a Durham businessman who has been scrutinized for white collar crimes related to his business and for contributions he made to NC politicians.

Hayes and Lindberg were both indicted Tuesday for attempting to bribe NC Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey. Causey will not be charged.

Lindberg made large contributions to both political parties. He contributed nearly $2 million to the NC Republican Party and contributed a six-figure amount to the NC Democratic Party. $240,000 of Lindberg’s contribution to the Republican party was then forwarded to Causey, who is a Republican.

In March, Causey secretly recorded a meeting between himself, Lindberg, Hayes, and an associate. Lindberg and Hayes agreed that the NC Republican Party would pass on $240,000 to Causey’s campaign during the meeting.