North Carolina, A Trump State, Has 99% Of Its Hurricane Aid Rejected By Trump Administration


The State of North Carolina requested $929 million in federal funding for the state’s clean-up of Hurricane Matthew but received only $6.1 million, a total that was 99% less than what was asked.

North Carolina supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election where he beat Secretary Clinton.

Summary of North Carolina’s federal unmet needs request according to WBTV:

  • Housing Repairs: $166.6 million to help homeowners with repairs, $63.7 million to repair rental housing, and $15.2 million to repair public housing
  • Housing Elevation: $434 million for buyout, elevation and reconstruction of 3,962 properties that flooded during Matthew and are at risk for future flooding
  • Agriculture: $92.6 million to cover losses for farmers not covered by the USDA such as livestock, farm equipment, and feed
  • Public Facilities: $43 million to repair public facilities and retrofit infrastructure like storm drains and sewer lines to prevent future damage
  • Small Businesses: $39 million to help 691 small businesses
  • Health: $37 million to support health and mental health services for storm survivors and to help with repairs to health care facilities, child care centers, and social services agencies

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