Nobody Wants To Fill Retail Space At Trump’s Chicago Hotel

Screengrab/SuberB Hotels/YouTube


The Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago is struggling to fill a massive vacancy since President Trump took office.

The Trump Organization has been trying to fill a massive vacancy at the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago, but it seems no retailers are willing to sign up, according to The Washington Post.

Retail space is not the only struggle the hotel has faced since President Donald Trump took office, The Week noted, “with profits reportedly falling 89 percent between 2015 and 2018.”

Documents filed with Cook County tax assessors show that the president’s company is dealing with a vacancy about the size of two Whole Foods stores. The Trump Organization has solicited 81 businesses across various industries, after hiring a firm to find tenants for the space, but so far none have said yes.

The company’s attorneys reportedly told the county that the hotel is "suffering from unfair political backlash" due to Trump’s presidency.

Previously, the Trump Organization insisted that the Chicago hotels financial struggles were related to the city’s crime levels, but The Week noted that “the hotel's competitors have actually seen increases in room revenue.”

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