Noam Chomsky: The World Is At The Most Dangerous Moment In Human History

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“We’re at an astonishing confluence of very severe crises," Professor Noam Chomsky warned.

In an interview with the New Statesman, Noam Chomsky warned that the climate crisis, threat of nuclear war and rise of authoritarianism have brought the world to the most dangerous moment in human history.

The linguist professor and activist told the publication that the dangers today exceed those of the 1930s.

“There’s been nothing like it in human history,” Chomsky said. “I’m old enough to remember, very vividly, the threat that Nazism could take over much of Eurasia, that was not an idle concern. US military planners did anticipate that the war would end with a US-dominated region and a German-dominated region... But even that, horrible enough, was not like the end of organised human life on Earth, which is what we’re facing.”

“We’re at an astonishing confluence of very severe crises. The extent of them was illustrated by the last setting of the famous Doomsday Clock. It’s been set every year since the atom bombing, the minute hand has moved forward and back. But last January, they abandoned minutes and moved to seconds to midnight, which means termination. And that was before the scale of the pandemic.”

Chomsky pointed to the “growing threat of nuclear war,” which he said is likely more significant now than during the Cold War, along with “the growing threat of environmental catastrophe” and “sharp deterioration of democracy,” which the professor said directly impacts the world’s ability to address the first two threats.

Chomsky added that “[Donald] Trump has accomplished something quite impressive: he’s succeeded in increasing the threat of each of the three dangers. On nuclear weapons, he’s moved to continue, and essentially bring to an end, the dismantling of the arms control regime, which has offered some protection against terminal disaster. He’s greatly increased the development of new, dangerous, more threatening weapons, which means others do so too, which is increasing the threat to all of us.

“On environmental catastrophe, he’s escalated his effort to maximise the use of fossil fuels and to terminate the regulations that somewhat mitigate the effect of the coming disaster if we proceed on our present course.”

“On the deterioration of democracy, it’s become a joke. The executive branch of [the US] government has been completely purged of any dissident voice. Now it’s left with a group of sycophants.”

Chomsky, who has lived through 22 presidential elections, the New Statesman reported, also “warned that Trump’s threat to refuse to leave office if defeated by Democratic candidate Joe Biden was unprecedented.”

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