NJ Man Arrested After Allegedly 'Doing Donuts' On Two Of Trump's Putting Greens

Courtesy of the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office


In two separate incidents, Richard J. McEwan allegedly caused $20,000 of damage to Trump's Bedminster golf course.

A 26-year-old New Jersey man was arrested this week after allegedly causing upwards of $20,000 of damage to two putting greens at Trump National Golf Course, according to USA Today.

Richard J. McEwan was charged with charged with third-degree criminal mischief, Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson said.

Bedminster police officers who arrived at the scene on Sept. 3 were told that an employee saw a vehicle “doing donuts on the 11th hole of one of the two courses.”

Police said the employee “was standing in the fairway when he heard loud music, then turned and spotted a Ford sedan occupied by one person vandalizing the hole.”

The damage from that incident totaled about $10,000. But the vandal was not yet finished.

The following Sunday afternoon, police were once again called to the course, this time for a report of someone doing donuts on the putting green of the 13th hole. Damage to the course from the second incident was estimated at $7,000 to $9,000.

Having obtained the make and model of the vehicle, along with an identifying bumper sticker and partial license plate number, police were able to discern that the car was a 2006 Ford Focus belonging to McEwan.

McEwan was arrested at his home and charged with criminal mischief, a third-degree crime.

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