Nikki Haley: Donald Trump Is An Honest Leader With Great Mental Acuity


Nikki Haley offers a defense for Trump and claims that his ‘truthful’ demeanor makes him perfectly suited for office.

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, who left the Trump administration last year, defended President Trump on Tuesday morning, claiming that he is a “truthful” leader and is the perfect fit for high office, according to The Daily Beast.

Haley told Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s Today Show that she “never” had a reason to doubt Trump’s ability to serve, his mental acuity, or his ability to be honest.

“I never had any concern on whether he could handle the job, ever… In every instance that I dealt with him he was truthful, he listened, and he was great to work with,” she said of Trump.

Although in her new book she claimed she was the only person in the administration to confront Trump about his widely criticized press conference with President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki last year, she championed him to be “stronger on Russia than any previous president.”

“I said, ‘Look, this sounded soft,’ and he said, ‘Really?’ and John Kelly was in the room and he looked at John and said, ‘All of you guys said I did great.’”

Watch the clip here.

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Forget it toots. No matter how much you suck up you aren't getting the VP job because there is not going to be a Republican VP job in 2020.

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