Nick Sandmann Slated To Speak At The Republican National Convention

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Nick Sandmann rose to prominence in conservative circles after a video of him and a Native American elder went viral.

The Covington Catholic High School graduate who was thrust into the national spotlight last year after a video appearing to show him facing off with a Native American elder at the Right to Life March reportedly will speak at the Republican National Convention next week.

  • The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Nick Sandmann tweeted early Tuesday morning, “I can’t tell you all enough about how excited I am to be apart of this years RNC!”
  • Fox News previously reported that Sandmann would be part of the convention’s speaker lineup.
  • Sandmann rose to prominence in conservative political circles after a video of the then-student went viral in 2019 showing him “and Native American elder Nathan Phillips facing each other in a crowd in front of the Lincoln Memorial” during Sandmann’s January “trip with Covington Catholic classmates for the Right to Life March.” Sandmann could be seen sporting a red Make America Great Again hat.
  • In the video, Sandmann stood opposite Philips, who was playing a drum and chanting, while other students surrounded the pair, some of whom performed a 'tomahawk chop' and joined in the Native American’s chants.
  • Initial reporting on the encounter cast Sandmann in a negative light, and “Twitter exploded with accusations of racism and privilege,” the Enquirer reported earlier this year.

A few months after the incident, Sandmann and his family sued the Washington Post, NBC and CNN for libel and defamation. They have also threatened to sue other news organizations, including The Enquirer.

Sandmann's attorneys claimed the Washington Post incorrectly characterized the teen as the aggressor in the situation and exposed him to public ridicule.

The lawsuit states said the false "gist" of the coverage was that Sandmann "assaulted and/or physically intimidated Phillips" and "instigated a confrontation with Phillips and subsequently engaged in racist conduct."

  • CNN settled its case, and NBC News and The Washington Post were still going through the legal process at the time of the Enquirer’s January report.
  • The publication reported that “Many of the defamation and libel claims brought forth by Sandmann's lawyers, L. Lin Wood and Todd McMurtry, have been dismissed by U.S. District Court Judge William Bertelsman,” but “the judge has allowed one specific portion of the case to continue: three statements from the Washington Post that say Sandmann ‘blocked’ Phillips and ‘would not allow him to retreat.’”

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