President Trump has decided to delay his upcoming campaign rally in New Hampshire, citing tropical storm weather concerns, according to The Boston Globe.

  • The campaign decided to postpone the event because of Tropical Storm Fey, even though the storm is not expected to hit the area during his scheduled speaking time.
  • The rally is part of Trump’s return to his re-election campaign efforts and to re-energize his voters as his ratings drop amid strong disapproval of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. His first rally in Tulsa, however, did not generate the crowd he expected, with the indoor stadium only being one-third full.
  • The planned rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire was already generating massive criticism as it was feared to contribute to a rise in coronavirus cases in New Hampshire, a state that has managed to keep the outbreak under control.
  • During a CNN interview, Portsmouth Police Commissioner Stefany Shaheen claimed that holding the rally would’ve been an act of “biological warfare,” also saying:

“The fact of the matter is, New Hampshire is one of only three states in the country right now that’s seeing a decline in COVID-19 cases. We’ve worked very hard over the last five months doing everything we can, staying at home, wearing masks, washing hands and now to have a super spreader event like this rally.”

  • The decision to cancel the event is thought to be in part influenced by concerns of a low turnout, as the president is largely focused on the optics of a sizable turnout. Just hours before the event was cancelled, President Trump said in a radio interview:

“We’re going to have a big crowd and we’re going to have a great crowd.”

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