New Zealanders Are Voluntarily Surrendering Guns Following The Mosque Attack

Numerous New Zealanders have turned in their semi-automatic weapons in the wake of Friday's terrorist attack.

Gun owners in New Zealand are voluntarily turning in their semi-automatic rifles after last week’s mass shootings in Christchurch mosques, according to The Daily Beast.

The New Zealand Herald reported that a number of New Zealanders have turned over their weapons, including John Hart, a farmer who said the rifle was sometimes useful on the farm.

He told the newspaper that he handed his gun to police Monday, designated for “destruction”, saying, "Once you accept that these things can be harmful, in the wrong hands, the trade-off is a small inconvenience.”

Hart added: “It's not a big deal not having it anymore. I couldn't, in good conscience, say they shouldn't be around if I still had one.”

Likewise, Fey Hag — self-described “daughter of crack shot food hunting parents” — said she turned her family’s weapon in to police, also to be destroyed: “Today I requested that those guns be handed in for destruction,” she tweeted.

The Daily Beast noted another New Zealander who tweeted that turning in their weapon was “one of the easiest decisions I have ever made.”

Brena Smith, who gave up her own .22 caliber semi-automatic weapon more than a decade ago, said people giving up similar guns in light of the massacre is a wonderful thing.

She told the Herald that “she sees no benefit to owning military style, semi-automatics, as the only thing they are useful for is shooting people.”

At least 50 people were killed last week when a shooter walked into two Christchurch mosques during Friday prayers and opened fire. The alleged gunman, Brenton Tarrant, penned a lengthy manifesto describing his views and motivations for the terrorist attack.

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