New Zealand’s PM Rips Trump After He Mocks New Zealand’s COVID-19 Outbreak

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Julie Zheng

22 people have died of COVID-19 in New Zealand, compared with over 170,000 in the U.S.

President Donald Trump warned during a campaign rally in Mankato, Minnesota, this week that New Zealand has experienced a “big surge” of COVID-19 at, according to The Guardian, but the country’s Prime Minister said there is “no comparison” between New Zealand and the U.S.

  • “The places they were using to hold up now they’re having a big surge … they were holding up names of countries and now they’re saying ‘whoops!’” said Trump. “Do you see what’s happening in New Zealand? They beat it, they beat it, it was like front-page news because they wanted to show me something.”
  • “Big surge in New Zealand, you know it’s terrible, we don’t want that, but this is an invisible enemy that should never have been let to come to Europe and the rest of the world by China,” Trump added. Compared to Auckland’s nine new cases recorded on Monday and 13 on Tuesday, the U.S. recorded 42,000 cases on Monday.
  • New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that there was “no comparison” between New Zealand’s cases and the U.S. New Zealand’s government has claimed that the outbreak was “contained” and “manageable.” New Zealand has a total death toll of 22, while the U.S.’s death topped 170,000, as the highest death rate in the world, accounting for nearly 22 percent of deaths globally.
  • Ardern has just placed Auckland into a two-week, stage 3 lockdown because of the four new cases recorded last week.

Trump has been slammed for his handling of COVID-19, from “labeling it a ‘hoax’ in the early part of the year, to wrongly suggesting that injecting disinfectant could be a potential way to fight COVID-19,” The Guardian noted. “Until the past few weeks, Trump has refused to wear a mask.”

The outbreak has surged again in the U.S. after the Memorial Day holiday weekend - Los Angeles county has recorded more than 220,000 cases, Miami-Dade in Florida has 145,000 cases, and Queens in New York has recorded 68,000 cases with 5,977 deaths.

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