New Project Lincoln Ad Compares Trump To A Jurassic Park Dinosaur

Screengrab / @ProjectLincoln / Twitter

Megan Everts

A new ad by the Lincoln Project highlights Trump’s dejected nature after returning from his rally in Tulsa.

A new advertisement released by the Lincoln Project compares President Donald Trump to a Jurassic Park Dinosaur.

  • The Lincoln Project is an organization dedicated to “holding accountable those who would violate their oaths to the Constitution and would put others before Americans.”
  • Specifically, their mission is to help defeat Trump in the upcoming election.
  • The advertisement starts off in a grand manner, featuring clips of Trump leaving for the rally he held in Tulsa this past weekend, with the main theme to Jurassic Park playing in the background.
  • The second half features Trump appearing dejected as he returned from the rally, with the music changing to merely a lone harmonica struggling to hit the right notes.


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