New Mexico Pastor Arrested For Illicitly Recording His Step-Child


Pastor Steve Mackey, 52, has been arrested for illicitly recording his step-daughter (who is a child).

A pastor from Lovington, New Mexico has been arrested for illicitly recording his stepdaughter according to the SF Chronicle. Pastor Steve Mackey’s estranged wife reported to police that he was recording his stepdaughter undressing while she was in her bedroom.

The wife of the Macedonia Church of God in Christ pastor said she found the videos on an SD card in her house. Mackey, 52, denies the allegations and says he doesn’t have enough technical skill to do something like that.

565 videos were found on the card and Mackey’s name was found embedded in one file as the owner of the software. He was charged with manufacturing visual medium of sexual exploitation of children, but was released on bond for $5,000.

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