New Dutch Senator Says Jews Went 'Like Meek Little Lambs' to Gas Chambers

Pixabay/Public Domain

Dutch Senator Beukering said in an interview that the Jews were driven “like meek little lambs” to the gas chambers.

According to Haaretz, Dutch Senator Toine Beukering said the Jews were driven “like meek little lambs’ to the gas chambers during the Holocaust in an interview with the Teelgraaf on Saturday.

Beukering joined the upper chamber of Dutch parliament on Tuesday and is a candidate for speaker of the Dutch Senate. The senator stated that the Holocaust was one of the reasons he enlisted in the military as a youth and that the comment was not meant to be offensive.

Beukering said, “As a young child, I read a whole cabinet of books about the Holocaust. I was always interested in finding out how it was at all possible. That the Jews, such a courageous and combative people, were driven to the gas chambers just like meek little lambs. It has always fascinated me. I never really found an answer for it. But to me it did mean one thing: Never again. That’s why I wore a uniform for 40 years and have been all over the world.”

Ronny Naftaniel, vice chairman of the Central Jewish Organization of Dutch Jews, said in response to Beukering, “Jews did mount considerable resistance. Often in hopeless situations. ‘Meek lambs’ is a myth.”

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