New Book: Melania Is “Much More Like Trump Than It Appears”

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Melania Trump is much more like her husband than it might seem, according to a new book about the First Lady.

First Lady Melania Trump is no captive to President Donald Trump’s political ambitions and is “as devoted to her own mythmaking as her husband,” according to a Washington Post report on a new book examining the first lady’s rise to the White House.

In “The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump,” Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan writes that both Melania and her husband “are avid creators of their own history.”

Melania is “much more like him than it appears,” the reporter says.

  • Along her journey of “mythmaking,” Melania reportedly has engaged in both direct lies and lies of omission, including her failure “to correct reporters who cited her age incorrectly, always younger than she was.”

  • Melania also “attended a highly competitive architecture program at the University of Ljubljana, but did not graduate, though she claimed in sworn testimony to have a bachelor’s degree.”

  • The first lady reportedly also drops friends when they are no longer useful:

The ease of Melania’s mythmaking has been aided, Jordan posits, by a pattern in her life of making clean breaks with her past. Old friends from Slovenia said they’d never heard from her again. Once close friends from her New York City years say the same thing happened to them.

“They are both fighters and survivors and prize loyalty over almost all else. … Neither the very public Trump nor the very private Melania has many close friends. Their loner instincts filter into their own marriage.”

  • Jordan writes that Melania is not merely a tagalong on Trump’s political rise but actively encouraged him to pursue the presidency: “Melania not only accepted and embraced Trump’s political aspirations but was also an encouraging partner.”

What emerges is a picture of personal ambition similar to Trump’s. In 1999, when he ran for president on the Reform Party ticket, she gave interviews musing about becoming the next Jackie O. Later, she echoed Trump’s calls for then-president Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate, an alignment with the “birther” attacks primarily driven by Trump.

Jordan argues “that the #FreeMelania hashtag ought to be retired because of her consistent support of her husband and her moves to stay in the White House.”

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