New Book Exposes Melania Trump’s Alleged ‘Little Lies’

Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks / Public Domain


Mary Jordan writes in her new book that Melania Trump has kept several "little secrets" about her history.

A new book released this month by Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Mary Jordan alleges that First Lady Melania Trump has engaged in multiple “little lies” and is far more like her husband than people might think.

  • According to The International Business Times, Jordan writes in “The Art of Her Deal” that Melania’s secrets involve her supposed college degree and elements of her early modeling career.

Jordan’s book claims that Melania did not complete her degree in architecture, did not receive huge salaries for her modeling work and only speaks Slovenian and heavily accented English, not five languages as is widely reported. Jordan also said that the Trumps refused to present documentation to the public that would confirm Melania’s history.

  • During an interview with Haaretz, Jordan said: “None of the people I spoke to, except for her family, knew anything about her past before she met Donald. She simply made it disappear.”
  • The author added that Melania is much like President Donald Trump, saying, “He refuses to reveal his tax returns and she compartmentalized her past and never talked about it.”

“She’s a kind of lone wolf who acts quietly and maintains secrecy, and that was useful for him. She is very smart and savvy. She flatters him, but she also tells him the truth when something is not working.”

  • Jordan also said she found Melania “to be more politically ambitious than people thought.”

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