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Juicebox has added a sexting bot to its sexual education app in an effort to teach users the nuances of dating and consent, according to the New York Times.

Slutbot, as the addition is known, is the latest in a string of recent “Flirt-tech” apps that seek to mimic portions of the dating experience.

The app offers two kinds of conversation: “Slow & Gentle” and “Hot & Sexy,” but users can tweak the categories to cater to their sexual orientation and interests.

Juicebox, the company and the app behind Slutbot, was launched more than two years ago as a platform for young people to “ask questions about sex and sexual health and get answers from experts at the Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

“People think sex and dating is supposed to be easy and innate. But it’s not. It’s absolutely a life skill just like all other life skills, but unfortunately, we’re never formally taught these things,” Juicebox CEO Brianna Rader told the Times.

Other apps in the market aim to improve their users texting skills but are less focused on the sexual aspects of dating. Mei, launched by a Harvard grad last year, monitors its customers' texts and phone calls and uses AI to make inferences about their and their friends’ personalities.

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